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Chateau Nouvelle was established by owners Shawn & Lauren Sparks after being given a vision for their first wedding venue, Sandlewood Manor, and watching it become a reality. With a desire to build another venue with a similar mission, they began working with an architect to design a new second building on the Sandlewood Manor property. But, as Shawn and Lauren continued to pray for God’s direction, they both felt led to discontinue the building plans. However, they continued to pray and, just a few months later, the Chateau Nouvelle property was brought to their attention and doors were opened to acquiring the incredible estate.


There is much meaning in the Chateau Nouvelle name, translated as “new castle.” According to owners Shawn & Lauren Sparks, the name originated with a vision given to Shawn of the light of Christ shining out from the venue. He understood this as the building being made new with the love of God indwelling and shining through, becoming a beacon of light and love in the community.


The new owners bring a new mission and a new vision – similar to that of their original venue -with a goal to provide a truly unforgettable wedding day and to be a place where newly married couples can find support and encouragement for their future together. Chateau Nouvelle’s mission shares the same heart as that of Sandlewood Manor: To support couples over their first year of marriage and to provide tools that will enable them to get past a majority of the hurdles that can cause bitterness and lead to divorce. “We are committed to praying for our couples and our ultimate desire is that everyone who steps onto the Chateau Nouvelle property would feel the presence of God there.”

(Owners: Shawn & Lauren Sparks)

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